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Getting Your Message Across

Using Publicity as a Creative Marketing Tool

The Art of Persuasive Pitching

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How to Be a Great Media Spokesperson.

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Do you know how to…

  • Distill and crystallize your media message into clear, compelling statements?
  • Identify and sidestep the tricks interviewers might use to trap you?
  • Craft interesting and catchy messages worthy of being quoted?

In just a few minutes, you may leave an impression of yourself and who you represent that is favorable or unfavorable. Fortunately, the rewards can far outweigh the risk - if you're prepared.

Are you ready to learn how to handle a TV, radio or print interview like a pro?

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How to be a Great Media Spokesperson:
A Primer on Effective Media Training

Mike Schwager

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Getting Your Message Across
The nuts and bolts of effectively communicating your story to the media and getting results.

Using Publicity as a Creative Marketing Tool
Creative tools to maximize your chances for media coverage.

The Art of Persuasive Pitching
How and when to pitch your story idea to producers and editors.

This eReport will give you the skills necessary to take control of a media interview and show you how to get your message across. You won’t find this information anywhere else!

How to Be a Great Media Spokesperson will show you how to:

  • Take control of an interview
  • Define your objectives for the interview
  • Plan the timing of making your point
  • Turn negatives into positives
  • Achieve credibility by using the “Barometer of Reality”
  • Deal with a communications crisis
  • Types of hostile interviewers and how to deal with them
  • Keep a problem in perspective
  • Position your company
  • Send a consistent message
  • Handle the interview environment

How to Be a Great Media Spokesperson also includes 4 different worksheets that help you:

  • Develop the points on which you want to focus
  • Develop a list of the key questions and tough questions you need to anticpate BEFORE the interview
  • Understand the tools necessary for handling hostile interviews

Who is Mike Schwager?

Mike Schwager is a 25 year veteran of the Public Relations and Media Training industry. Mike has trained hundreds of senior executives and corporate spokespeople to perform well in the interview setting.

Mike has taken his years of hands-on experience and boiled it down to the basics so you can quickly learn how to take control of the interview situation, get YOUR message across and create the positive outcome you seek.

Mike Schwager’s organizational clients include:
KidsPeace (the largest youth-in-crisis organization)
United Negro College Fund
H.E.L.P. (a non-profit created by Andrew and Mario Cuomo)
Honeywell, Inc.
Monsanto, Inc.
World Vision
Dow Chemical, Inc.
United States - Mexican Development Corporation
New York City Mayor's Voluntary Action Center
Guatemalan Government

Mike has trained authors including:
Wilson Harrell - (former publisher, Inc. Magazine) For Entrepreneurs Only
Sam Grossman - (real estate entrepreneur) Win The Food Fight
Bob Woolf - (Super Agent) Friendly Persuasion
Jerzy Kluger - (close friend of Pope John Paul II, subject of book, The Hidden Pope)

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How to Be a Great Media Spokesperson
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